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With the onset of the new year, plans and forecasts are made not only by ordinary people but also by analysts in various areas of business. The iGaming environment is constantly changing. Do you want to know about trends that will characterize global gambling in 2021? You will find out in this article.

IGaming activity 

The modern gambling business is constantly growing and changing. Most of the profits for operators and the state budget come from slot machines. The volume of receipts from them reaches 70% in the total structure of income. Land and online slots are a favorite gambling game in most Western countries due to their simplicity and it is worth noting that casino games are more popular in Asian countries, with total industry revenue forecast to reach USD 635 billion in 2022. 

World gambling regulation

In the new socio-economic conditions, the regulatory bodies of several countries revised their legislation regarding the gambling industry in 2020. Somewhere they introduced new licensing measures, somewhere they set daily limits on deposits, etc. As a result, some states have already become more promising for the gambling business in the new year, 2021.

The main goal of improving all jurisdictions is to resist the shadow segment of the market, direct taxes to the state treasury, and protect the rights of users.

Mobile applications and online casinos

Today it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t have a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. It is only natural that such a vast market is not overlooked by the developers of online casino applications. Even some gambling establishments offer their own apps so that their players can use mobile gambling anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. PlayAmo Casino and many other popular online platforms also offer such conditions.

The quality of Internet coverage remains an important factor. Experts believe that the number of people using mobile gambling will only grow in the coming years. Some people predict that in 2021 it will be possible to place bets using smartwatches, which could increase online casino traffic even more.

Сryptocurrencies in the gambling industry

Online casino players are impressed by the possibility of receiving winnings in cryptocurrency, as this ensures anonymity. And the legislative legalization of assets in cryptocurrencies with blockchain technologies makes this trend very promising. Old payment methods will be replaced by new ones, and the process will become evident this year.

New user engagement tools

The emergence of social gambling and the use of VR / AR technologies open up new horizons. The next step in AR, VR, and MR is to make it available online. And if for experienced gamblers this is a change in the usual schemes of interaction, then to attract new users, they plan to use applications for social games to direct the interest of this target audience in the direction necessary for the gambling business.

But VR / AR apps and programs are currently in the development and testing stage, so a rapid surge in these products is not expected in 2021.

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