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Playing in an online casino has its limitations: there are maximum wager amounts, maximum deposit amounts and if you have a question for the helpdesk, you may not get immediate help.

Casinos are well aware that players with a larger budget than the average player will be limited in their play. If you can afford to play at 100,000 euros a week then a maximum bet of 5 euros at the roulette table is a laughing stock. For this reason many online casinos have a VIP program. Only individually selected players are invited to join but once you reach this status it will give you a lot of advantages.

Advantages for VIPs

In order to keep VIPs playing as long as possible and as satisfied as possible, different rules than normal apply to them.

Faster payout

Deposits from players are usually made immediately so that they can play even. For a payout, however, it may take a few days before you have them in your account. The reason for this is that a verification process is performed for each payout. For VIPs this process is saved so that this procedure does not need to be repeated each time, which means that payouts are completed more quickly.

Higher deposit and payout limits

Usually there are daily or weekly limits to the maximum amount you can deposit or withdraw. For VIPs, these limits are significantly increased so that they can play with more money and have more profits paid out.

VIP customer service

As a VIP you have access to the special VIP customer service available seven days a week. Here you will be helped immediately and everything will be done to make your playing experience as enjoyable as possible. Top VIPs are assigned a personal VIP manager to solve their problems.

Exclusive bonuses and bonus conditions

For VIPs there are often special bonuses that are much higher than for normal players. In addition, conditions such as wagering requirements are adjusted to the level of the big players. In reality this means that the wagering requirements are lower than normal because VIPs play with much higher stakes.

VIP tables

For many table games VIP variants are offered. You can find these at the video slots as well as at the live casino. In some cases, these tables are available to all players and the VIP indication indicates that bets are higher than normal. In other cases, the VIP tables are only available to VIP players. You can be sure that even in this case the wager will be higher than at standard tables.

VIP tables may also have additional features such as side-bets (bets outside the basic game). The VIP tables are often open longer than other tables, sometimes even 24 hours a day. In addition, only the best dealers can be found here.

Other extras

Casinos with a loyalty program often offer their VIP players more money for their saved points. This way they are rewarded extra for their persistent play. Other extra gifts are, for example, a birthday present or a bottle of champagne for a big win.

VIP status is not for everyone, so it remains an exclusive program. If you reach this level you can be sure that it will bring you a lot of benefits.

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