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What do you need to put in place today to break your bad habits and start betting seriously and winning at sports betting? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article. By applying all these techniques, you will significantly increase your chances of winning at sports betting!

1 – Avoid handsets, bet on singles!

Making handsets as long as the arm is the most common mistake among beginner bettors. We’ve all been there.

By betting on handsets with a multitude of so-called “safe” odds you exponentially decrease your chances of winning at sports betting.

With experience, you will learn that no sports bet is safe and that most of your handsets will lose in the long run! This is why it is much wiser to carefully select a single prognosis by working seriously on your analysis.

2 – Adopt a strict money management strategy

Many beginners have no strategy for managing their bankroll. They bet in an anarchic way without any rigor.

We have written an article dedicated to all the ways of betting in sports betting, so it’s up to you to choose the strategy that suits you best. If you don’t know which one to choose, we advise you to never exceed a bet of around 2.5% of your bankroll. This allows you to always be comfortable with your bets and keep your cool.

If you have a low bankroll we recommend this article which will explain how to bet with a small bankroll while keeping a long term strategy.

3 – Don’t Play Anything and Everything!

When you start sports betting, you bet on everything that moves. The problem is not necessarily betting on several sports but betting without any knowledge of the ins and outs of a sporting event!

How do you want to make money on sports betting by squandering your bankroll on sports you don’t know about? You’re in for a real fight!

Bet smart or follow sports betting experts specializing in a sport to expand your sample and increase your volume smartly.

4 – Make your predictions manually !

Nothing like craftsmanship! Predictions of Appellation Origine Contrôlée AOC. Handmade, 100% organic bets, concocted with love.

And yes… Did you know that? The rate of return to the Players is already reduced by at least 15% by your bookmaker. A kind of tax.

And when you let your online betting site do your calculations for you, that’s when they take a big margin.

The importance of making your predictions manually is highlighted in an article that I invite you to read to better understand. But also to start creating your predictions by yourself.

You will radically change the way you play! Use our calculation tools for your sports bets and bet distribution tools for free on our site.

Here is the list of our free tools that you should use every day:

  • Double Chance Calculation Manual
  • Manual “Refunded If” calculation (Draw No Bet, Home No Bet, Away No Bet)
  • Live Coverage
  • Value Bet Calculator
  • Calculation Rate of Return to Player
  • Calculation Probability of a rating

5 – Avoid Tilt by understanding the notion of Variance

Variance is an integral part of sports betting.

What is variance in sports betting? Basically, it represents the average difference between your expected winnings and your actual winnings.

We explain this in detail in an article dedicated to the notion of variance in sports betting.

You just have to understand that you will not win all the time, that you will never avoid the imponderables, and that in the end the effect of luck or bad luck will be smoothed out. Don’t tilt, stay focused, to win you have to accept to lose. The negative effects of variance will be smoothed over the long term with a consequent number of prognoses. And you will be able to make a serene assessment of your ability to win in sports betting in the long term.

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