All sports in VR

Many sports fans are wary of betting just because they are unsure of their abilities. They can be understood, because there are many examples when a beginner lost a large sum of money in just a few days. To help players come to the rescue are virtual money bets, which are also used to test new game strategies.

Virtual betting is inspired by slot machine games and mainstream sports betting. With this virtual option, they invite two virtual teams to demonstrate their performance in about three minutes, and those three minutes are the time you have to place your bet! Although if you prefer you can also settle the bet instantly.

Both the virtual sports and other games like the casino, are based on chance and in the case of this modality, the result is revealed right after the bet, being able to see previously the statistics that can help at the moment of deciding the bet.

The advantages of virtual sports betting

With the virtual sport you can bet 24 hours a day on different games that last from 2 to 4 minutes. Some of the virtual sports you can bet on are soccer, horse and greyhound racing… Discover all our variety of virtual bets and choose your favorite. Forget about time constraints with virtual sports betting

Although you can bet on different races such as horse or greyhound races in the gaming halls and online portals, the schedule is limited to when that event occurs, which depends on the country where it is played. With virtual sports betting you don’t have to worry about the schedule!

Soccer in virtual sport betting

In soccer in particular, this type of betting has many variants, with bets on number of goals, chances to play, winner, etc. The realism of these games developed in 3D is one of the key elements. The very worked images and the design, allow to recreate the emotion of the real sport in a screen. The use of commentators who narrate the games also helps to ensure the success of the product. The graphic quality, the implementation of details that replicate the designs of the stadiums, the players and their equipment, make these games look very real.

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